Step 3. Install DataClarity

  1. Download or copy over the distribution file provided by DataClarity, <distribution>.tar.gz.

    You may use the following command to download the file by inserting the URL to the file, for example:

    curl -LO
  2. Unpack the tar file:

    tar -zxf dataclarity-free-latest.tar.gz
  3. From the distribution folder, execute the install script:

    1. For Channel [production, beta], enter production to install the latest stable production version or beta to install the pre-release version.

    2. For Public entry point (ip address or domain name), specify your hostname/IP.

    3. For Setup SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), enter one of the following:

      • y — To enable HTTPS when accessing the platform via browser and SSL when connecting to Data Server.

        To use your custom certificate, place the certificate files (.key, .crt) in /distribution/template/assets/certs/.
        If no SSL certificate is provided, then the self-signed certificate will be generated.

      • n — To use HTTP when accessing the platform and no SSL when connecting to the Data Server by default.

    4. For Deploy to Docker now, enter y.

      Wait approximately 15 minutes (or more, depending on your internet connection) for the docker images to download and the containers to start.

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