User Access configuration

User Access (Access Manager) allows you to set up and manage user authentication and authorization for the DataClarity Platform.

You can configure the following settings for Access Manager.

ItemUse this item to

License server URL

Specify the URL for the online license activation.

To activate the DataClarity Platform license, the system must connect to the license server. Ensure that the license server URL is accessible from the environment where DataClarity is installed, and no firewall restrictions apply.

Database server host

Specify the IP address or hostname for the Access Manager database.

Database server port

Specify the port number for the Access Manager database.

Database name

Specify the name of the database used for Access Manager.

Database username

Specify the username to connect to the Access Manager database.

Database password

Specify the password to connect to the Access Manager database.

Logging level

Select the logging level for Access Manager.

Supported levels are ALL, TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, FATAL, and OFF. The default value is INFO (the system stores logs for the WARN and ERROR levels).

The log files are stored in a default location.

Master admin password

If you changed the password for “dcadmin” in Access Manager, you need to specify the new password in this field. This way, it will be saved to the respective configuration file (map).

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