Quick UI customization

Suppose you need to perform high-level customization of the interface elements such as logo, copyright labels, some colors of the toolbar & sidebar. In that case, it might be sufficient to do it through Access Manager and Configuration Manager. However, to perform full UI customization, see Customize the skin files.

Before you customize

Before customizing interface elements, review the following topics to learn where the logos and other elements are reused in different places. Check all the pages to ensure you have the desired result.

For best results, we recommend using a single image or text in HTML display name for the logo in all places (Login page, Home page, toolbars, About dialog.) Ensure that the logo looks good on the toolbar’s background and on the white background of the Login, Home, and About pages. If you need a different logo for the main toolbar, upload a logo image and adjust its position.

The following image shows the default Look & Feel settings.

Customizable elements


The following are the excerpts from the Access Manager and Configuration Manager Help. For details, refer to the corresponding Help files available on the Documentation Help Home page.

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