Add script calculations

You can enhance the Storyboards capabilities to analyze and show data by using scripts for your calculations. The R and Python script languages are supported.

  • You have a respective AI connection to process your scripts. If applicable, you can use a default built-in Python connection. For details, see Add AI connections.

You can choose one of the following methods that are suitable for your use case and depending on your role permissions.

Method I — Add a calculation for a dataset

Important: You can add script calculations when you create a dataset. These calculations can be used for all the visualizations that are based on that dataset. However, you can preview the results only for the scalar calculation while in a dataset, and not for the vector calculation.
After you create a new calculation for a dataset that is already used in a widget, ensure you refresh the dataset in the corresponding widget to load new columns.

  1. Now, the new calculated column is added to the dataset.


Method II — Add a calculation for a visualization

Important: You can also add script calculations when you work with visualization. These calculations are available for the widget where they were defined. To reuse such calculations, duplicate the widget and the calculations will be available for selection.

  1. The calculation is added to the data field for which it was created. You can use the new calculation like any other measure or dimension to fill in the visualization data fields.


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