Annotate visualizations

You can write or draw something on a visualization, then save the visualization together with its annotations. This option is available only for some chart visualizations.

  • The storyboard page containing the visualization that you want to annotate is open in view or edit mode.
  • The Trellis data item is not defined in the widget settings pane, on the data tab, in the Data section.
  1. Point to the upper-right corner of the widget that you want to annotate.

    The widget toolbar appears.

  2. Point to More options, and then click Annotate.

  3. Point to More options again, and then point to one of the following options:

  4. To delete an annotation object from a visualization, select it, and then click Delete.

  5. Point to More options, and click Cancel to close the Annotate option.

    Important: If you close the Annotate feature, all your annotations will be deleted. Deletion is performed without confirmation and cannot be undone.

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