Manage styles in visualizations

When working with visualizations, you can manage their styles by using the widget settings pane. The options for managing styles are available in the upper-left corner of the pane.

The following options are available.

ItemUse this item to
set current style as default

Set the current style as default for all visualizations on a storyboard. Use this option to optimize the process of adding new visualizations that require a common style.

copy current style

Copy the current style to apply it to the visualizations that are already added to a storyboard.

In addition, use this item to quickly create a new style by modifying an existing style.

apply copied style

Apply the copied style to the currently selected visualization.

The settings that are copied include all the settings you define and save on the analytics tab and most settings on the appearance tab, as well as the Animation, and Animation duration, in the Animation and effects section, on the advanced tab.

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