Set permissions for a data connection

Set permissions for a data connection

By setting permissions for a data connection, you define the level of access that groups or users have for the connection.

  • You have all the necessary role permissions granted by an administrator in Access Manager.

  • You have a connection in the Data connections pane. For the content in Shared with me, you need to have the View, Set permission shared content permissions granted by the sharer.

  1. On the sidebar, click Data connections.

    The Data connections pane appears.

    Tile view is used by default.

  2. For the needed connection, point to More actions, and then select Share > Set permissions.

    The Data connection permissions dialog appears. The Groups option is selected, and all available groups are listed.

  3. Specify for whom you want to set permissions for the connection. You cannot simultaneously add groups and users.

    • To add groups – Click the Groups tab, and then click the appropriate groups in the list.

    • To add users – Click the Users tab, and then click the appropriate users in the list.

    The selected groups or users appear in the list of recipients. To remove a recipient from the list, click next to the corresponding name.

  4. Click Add.

    The selected recipients appear in the list in edit mode.

  5. Define the permissions for each recipient.

    You can select a role, which is a preset group of permissions.

    To change permission, click Denied or Allowed. The role name changes automatically depending on the granted permissions.

    To grant or deny all permissions, point to More actions and select the needed option.

  6. Click Apply to save the permissions for the added recipients.

    Now you can add more recipients to the list, either groups or users.

  7. To edit the permissions for a recipient, point to More actions, and click Edit. After your changes, click Save on the right side of the row.

    To remove a recipient, point to More actions on the corresponding row and click Delete.

  8. Click Close.

    For the recipients, the connection appears on the Shared with me tab with the corresponding permissions.

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