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Clustered bar chart

Clustered column chart

A clustered bar (column) chart compares one or more measures across one or two dimensions.

When multiple measures are compared, the chart shows multiple bars or columns, grouped in clusters. The bars or columns represent the measures. The clusters represent the dimensions (for example, geographical location, store type, product line, and so on). The measures that you select for your dimensions must be comparable, that is, they should use the same unit of measurement and be close enough in amounts to be shown together on the chart.

If you select one measure for this chart, it will function as a standard bar (column) chart showing the individual bars or columns side by side.

When to use

The clustered bar (column) chart can be used for the following business needs:

  • Compare sales to the sales forecast for several countries. Each cluster (a country) has two bars or columns (sales and sales forecast).
  • Compare quarterly sales for three products. Each cluster (a quarter) has three bars or columns. Each bar or column represents a product.

When you have too many elements in a category, the chart becomes more complex visually. Ensure that you use a reasonable number of elements to compare. Thus, you benefit from the whole view of the data trend, without having to scroll through the chart.

Data requirements

To build this chart, define the data fields as follows:

  • Dimension – One or two dimensions. The order of dimensions matters. The first dimension represents the main grouping option.
  • Measure – One or more measures
  • Tooltip – (Optional) One or more measures
  • Trellis – (Optional) One dimension
  • Color – (Optional) One dimension

Use case

View the following use cases for the clustered chart, based on the chart orientation.


For details on how to customize your visualization, see Visualization settings.

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