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Rich Text

With the Rich Text widget, you can add and format a text on the storyboard page. Using the built-in text editor, you can quickly define the appropriate font properties, create lists, add inline formatting, align text, insert images, media, links, and special characters. You can also adjust widget’s margins and add a background image. You can specify how to show options on the editors toolbar (for details, see Rich Text).

Editor’s options

The editor’s toolbar includes the following sections.

ItemUse this item

Styles & fonts

Define the following properties:

  • Styles (paragraph, headings 1 through 6, preformatted)

  • Font family

  • Font size (8 - 36 pt)

Inline formatting

Define inline formatting for the selected text:

  • Bold

  • Italics

  • Underline

  • Strikethrough

  • Text color – Click the down arrow, and select a color or define a custom color by using a code or color picker.

  • Background color –Click the down arrow, and select a color or define a custom color by using a code or color picker.

  • Clear formatting


Turn the selected text into the numbered or bullet list. You can click the down arrow and select a style for the list.


Align the selected text left, center, right, or justify it.


You can add the following elements into the text:

  • Image – Click  Insert/edit image and provide the URL to an image. You can add the description and the image dimensions. To edit an image, select it and click .

  • Video – Click  Insert/edit media and provide the URL to a video content or paste the corresponding embed code. To edit a video link, select it and click .

  • Link – Click  Insert/edit link and provide the URL, text to display, and a description (to be shown in the tooltip). The link opens in a new tab or window. To edit a link, select it and click .

    Alternatively, select a text that you want to make a link, right-click (Ctrl + K) and select .

  • Special character – Click Special character and select a character.

Undo & redo

Undo or redo the actions that you perform in the rich text editor.

Tip: You can paste text by pressing Ctrl+V (paste text) or Ctrl+Shift+V (paste plain text).

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