Bar (column) and line chart

Bar and line chart

Column and line chart

A bar (column) and line chart is a combination of a bar (column) chart and a line chart. It shows the relationship between two or more measures across one or two dimensions. The measures should be comparable and share the same scale and units of measurement. Use this type of chart to emphasize the measure represented by the line or to make it stand out from the other measures.

When to use

The bar (column) and line chart can be used for the following business needs:

  • Compare the planned and actual sales profits by year or city.
  • Show the total number of transactions versus the total number of units sold (if the scale is similar).
  • Compare the target and actual bonuses earned by a sales agent during a certain period of time.

Data requirements

To build this chart, define the data fields as follows:

  • Dimension – One or two dimensions. The order of dimensions matters. The first dimension represents the main grouping option.
  • Measure – Two or more measures. The order of measures matters. The last measure is presented by a line.
  • Tooltip – (Optional) One or more measures
  • Trellis – (Optional) One dimension

Use case

View the following use cases for the bar (column) and line chart, based on the chart orientation.


For details on how to customize your visualization, see Visualization settings.

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