Funnel chart

Funnel chart

A funnel chart is represented by a triangle pointing down, resembling a funnel shape. The funnel is divided into sections. The sections are represented by dimensions. The section height represents the quantity or value (measure). It is a single series chart representing the data as portions of 100%. Funnel charts do not use any axes.

When to use

Use a funnel chart to compare categories that are parts of a whole. The categories on a chart must be mutually exclusive and not overlapping.

Data requirements

To build this chart, define the data fields as follows:

  • Dimension – One dimension
  • Measure – One measure
  • Tooltip – (Optional) One or more measures
  • Trellis – (Optional) One dimension

Use case

The following chart shows how each department contributes to the whole 100% of gross sales.


For details on how to customize your visualization, see Visualization settings.

For a whole list of visualizations, see the following topics:

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