Manage highlighter widgets

You can add, view, modify, or remove highlighters at any time.

For details on highlighter widgets and their role in Storyboards, see Highlighter.

  • You added at least one highlighter to the storyboard. For details, see Add highlighter widgets.
  • The storyboard page where you want to manage highlighters is open.
  1. On the Storyboards toolbar, click Enable changes.
  2. Point to the upper-right corner of the highlighter that you want to manage.

    The widget toolbar appears.

  3. Point to Edit, and then click Edit settings.

    The widget settings pane appears.

  4. On the data tab, expand the Highlighters section, and then click manage highlighters.

    The Highlighters pane appears.

  5. Manage the highlighters as needed:

  6. Click Apply.

    The modifications apply to the highlighters in real time.

  7. Click SaveSave on the Storyboards toolbar.
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