Certify a dataset

To help dataset consumers find the datasets that are trusted and recommended for their analysis, you may establish the process of certifying datasets. You can mark datasets as certified and additionally provide a note to the issued certification. The dataset with the certification indicates that it complies with your organization’s data standards.

Important: If a previously certified dataset is edited, it automatically becomes uncertified. You will need to re-certify the dataset after each saved change to the dataset. If multiple users are certifying the dataset at the same time, the last saved changes are applied.

  • You have a dataset in the Datasets pane.
  • You have all the necessary role permissions granted by an administrator in Access Manager.

  • For the content in Shared with me, you need to have the View and Edit shared content permissions granted by the sharer.

  1. On the sidebar, click Datasets.

    The Datasets pane appears.

    Tile view is selected by default.

  2. For the dataset, point to More actions, and then click Certify, or if you are editing, Edit certification.

    The Certify dataset dialog appears.

  3. If you declare that the dataset corresponds to your organization standards and can be relied upon in the analysis, select the Certify this dataset checkbox.

  4. (Optional) Provide a note with any important details about the dataset or its columns.

  5. Click Save.

    The dataset is certified and marked with a green check mark. Point to the icon to see the certifier name, the date of certification, and the note.

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