About widgets

Widgets help you present business information quickly and clearly. After you create a storyboard, you can start adding widgets to it.

You can add the following widget types to a storyboard:

  • Visualization widgets, also named visualizations – Custom-built charts, filters, and tables based on a user-defined dataset. Examples include bar charts, area charts, network charts, and geospatial charts.

  • Pictogram widgets, also named pictograms – Icons that help quickly convey a visual message. Examples include lines, rectangles, equation shapes, flowcharts, and images.

  • Other widgets, such as Image, Web Page, HMTL code, HTML Button, HTML Input, and Python code.

For details on adding widgets to a storyboard, see Add widgets.

A widget is based on a single dataset. However, each widget can use its own dataset if you have multiple datasets.

You can interact with the widgets on a storyboard. For details, see Interact with widgets.

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