Add widgets

A storyboard can include visualization widgets, pictogram widgets, and other widgets. For details about each widget type, see About widgets.

  • You created a storyboard, or you have access to one. For details on creating storyboards, see Add a storyboard.
  • The storyboard page where you want to add a widget is open in the page area.
  1. On the Storyboards toolbar, click Enable changes.

  2. (Optional) Choose the appropriate page layout before you add the widgets.

    A good rule is to have the number of cells on the page equal to the number of widgets that you want to use. However, you can select a different page layout or adjust it manually at any time. For details, see Edit page properties.

  3. On the Storyboards toolbar, click Add visualization Add widget.

    The Widgets pane appears.

  4. Add one of the following widget types as needed:

  5. Click SaveSave on the Storyboards toolbar.


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