Widgets toolbar

All widgets have a toolbar .

For specific widget types, the toolbar is available only in edit mode, while, for other widget types, the toolbar is also available in view mode.

The following menus may be available on the widget toolbar depending on the widget type and storyboard view mode. For details on the modes, see Storyboard view modes.

ItemUse this item to

Manage a widget as needed. You can edit the settings of a widget, manage actions, delete it, duplicate it, copy the widget with its code to the clipboard, snap it to a cell, unsnap it from a cell, bring it to the front, send to back, and switch its type (available only for the visualization widgets). For details, see Manage widgets.

This menu is available only in edit mode.

More options

Use various additional options, such as refreshing data, downloading a visualization widget or its corresponding data to your computer, or displaying it as a list report. For details, see Interact with widgets (additional options).

This menu is available after you configure a widget and it does not apply to all widget types.

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