2020.9 - DataClarity New Features and Enhancements

DataClarity 2020.9 brings the following new features and enhancements:

Data Preparation

  • Apply number formatting
  • Apply date & time formatting
  • Rename all columns in a table
  • Dataset columns structured in Tableau
  • Consistent naming for aggregations
  • Rename columns used in calculations
  • TM1 Cube View connection details


  • Date & number formatting
  • HTML code widget
  • HTML input widget
  • HTML button widget
  • Add CSS and JavaScript to a storyboard page
  • View storyboards’ recipients in List view.
  • Filter data by one column in Table
  • Clear filter on cell toggle in Table
  • Use additional columns for visualization queries
  • Other enhancements in Table
  • Column search in Filter & Highlighter
  • Text & date formats in Single Value
  • Consistent naming for aggregations
  • Preview a script code
  • The default size for some widgets
  • Cancel visualizing a widget
  • Percentage sign in Pareto charts

Data Science

  • Deploy custom Python libraries
  • JupyterHub integration

Installation & Configuration

  • Deploy the platform behind the external SSL balancer
  • Create a tenant in Access Manager


Release Notes 


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