Restrict access to content

By default, the content on a tab is available to the users who have access to this tab. The content secured in IBM Cognos is visible in Portals, but cannot be accessed. If you decide to restrict access to the content item in Designer, then the item is not visible at all.

You can restrict access to a report or any other content type based on the users who can see a tab. For example, if a tab is available to the Analysts and Executives groups, then you can restrict a report to Analysts only, to Executives only, or to a group that includes some users from these two groups.

  1. On the Designer welcome page, point to an application, and then click Edit.
  2. Click the tab where the report is located.

    Ensure that this tab has Access restricted selected.

  3. Click Content.
  4. Navigate to the content item, and then select it.

    A group of tabs appears in the lower part of the Content pane.

  5. On the Security tab, do the following:
    1. Click Add, and then select specific user groups or roles that are allowed to access the content item.

    2. Click Add.

      Verify that all needed groups and roles are under Groups/Roles.

      To remove a user group or a role from the list, point to it and click Remove group.

  6. In the pane, click Save.
  7. On the menu bar, go to File > Save. Enter a description of your changes, and then click Save. Then, click Close.

    To make the changes available to consumers, publish the application (File > Save and Publish).

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