Create prompt report with IBM Cognos Report Studio

Create a prompt report with IBM CognosReport Studio

To use filters in Designer, you need to first create a prompt report in IBM Cognos Report Studio. In this prompt report, add the prompt objects that you need in an application.

In the report created with IBM Cognos Report Studio:

  • Add all prompt objects in blocks.
  • For each block, use the same name as the parameter name of the prompt object.
  • You have user rights for IBM Cognos Report Studio.
  1. In IBM Cognos Report Studio, create a report by using the Blank template.
  2. In the new report, insert a Table with enough rows to hold each prompt object.
  3. In a table cell, insert a Block.
  4. In the block, insert a Table with 2 rows and 1 column.
  5. Drag a Text item to the first row and type a label for the prompt.
  6. Drag a Prompt object to the second row and build the prompt definition. Remember the Parameter name for further use.
  7. Select the Block created in step 3. In the Name box under the Properties pane, type the same name as for the Parameter name.
  8. Add an HTML tag in the report page with the following code:

    var bPageLoaded = true;
  9. Save the report.

Next, you can add the prompt report to an application tab in Designer. For details, see Add filters to tab.

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