Manage themes in Designer

Themes define the visual design of an application: the application colors, toolbar and sidebar views, fonts, logo and background images, and so on.

Use Themes manager to add and remove theme files in Designer. After the themes are added to Designer, they can be applied to the applications. By default, the standard theme is available.

  • To add a new theme, you need a theme file in DIS format.
  • You have permission to manage themes. This permission is granted by an administrator in Access Manager.
  1. In Designer, go to Administration > Themes.

    The Themes manager dialog appears.

  2. To add a theme, click Upload. In the dialog that appears, select a .dis file, and click Upload.
  3. To use a theme in your applications, select Active next to it.

    All active themes are available for selection in Application > Settings > Themes.

  4. To change the default theme, click Default next to a theme.

    When creating a new application, the default theme is automatically selected in Application > Settings > Settings.

    If a default theme is inactive, you need to specify the default theme each time when creating an application.

  5. Click Save & Close.
  6. To remove a theme, point to its row and click Delete.

    Click Yes in the confirmation message.

If you added a theme file and want to apply it to an application, see Manage themes for an application.

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