Securing your data

By default, the application that you create in Designer is available to all users. You can control access to your data at the application level and at the user level.

Content secured in IBM Cognos is visible in Portals, but cannot be accessed. If you decide to restrict access to the content item in Designer, then the item is not visible at all.

Application level

You can secure your data by specifying which user groups or roles can access it. If you do so, all users outside of these groups or roles cannot access the data.

Using security settings, you can restrict access to the following items:

To define security settings for a tab, you must first enable security for the application. To define security settings for a report, you must enable security for the application and for the tab where this report is located. When selecting users who can access the content, you need to ensure that the users are included in those groups or roles that can access the application and the tab with the content.

User level (all applications)

You can secure your data by controlling the features available for a specific user, for example, you can restrict users from exporting data to specific formats. For details, see Access Manager Online Help.

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