Manage themes for an application

Themes define the visual design of an application: the application colors, toolbar and sidebar views, fonts, logo and background images, and so on.

If you add multiple themes to an application, consumers can choose a theme in the User settings pane of the published application.

  1. On the Designer welcome page, point to an application, and then click Edit.
  2. Go to Application > Settings > Themes.

    The default theme is displayed if it is set as active in Administration > Themes.

  3. To add themes to the application:

    1. Click Add themes.
    2. In the dialog that appears, add the themes from the list, and then click Close.

      The themes appear under Themes on the tab.

  4. To restrict access to a theme:
    1. Next to a theme name, click Restrict.
    2. In the dialog that appears, select the user groups or roles that are allowed to use this theme, and then click Close.

      The selected groups or roles appear under the theme name. To remove a group or a role, just click its name.

  5. To remove a theme from an application, point to the corresponding row, and then click Remove theme.
  6. To change a default theme, go to the Settings tab, and then select a theme from the drop-down list.
  7. Click OK.
  8. On the menu bar, go to File > Save. Enter a description of your changes, and then click Save. Then, click Close.

    To make the changes available to consumers, publish the application (File > Save and Publish).

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