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Applications in Portals enable users to explore and analyze various types of content, such as IBM Cognos reports and dashboards, Tableau views, and storyboards. To make this content available in Portals, you need to add it to the application tabs.

You can add as much content as you want to a tab. To keep the content organized and help consumers find relevant reports easily, you have two options:

  • At a tab level, the content can be organized in folders.
  • At an application level, you can create analytic paths with the Guide feature. These analytic paths help users find reports based on their relevance to specific business questions. For details, see About Guide.

For the content added to an application, you can define settings and export options, enable filters, and restrict access for specific user groups or roles.

User rights related to content

In the published application, the consumers can interact with the content according to their IBM Cognos user rights and according to the rights granted to them in the Platform. For details, see Securing your data.

Access restrictions defined in IBM Cognos for specific content cannot be overwritten by rights granted in the Platform. For example, if a consumers group does not have the right to view a report in IBM Cognos, then the report is unavailable to this group in all applications.

The rights to export and publish content are granted at the user level in Access Manager. On the Portals interface, the exporting and publishing features are unavailable to the consumers who do not have these rights granted. Therefore, these consumers cannot export or publish content, even if the export options are enabled for this content.

The rights to create content bookmarks and snapshots can be granted at the user level in Access Manager. For details, see Access Manager Online Help.

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