Enable export options for content

Application consumers can export specific content only if all the following conditions are met:

  • Export rights are granted at the user level. For details, see Securing your data.
  • The export and publishing features are enabled for the application in Application > Settings > Features. For details, see Application settings.
  • The export and publishing features are enabled for this content in the Content pane.

This topic describes how to enable the export options for content in the Content pane.

  1. On the Designer welcome page, point to an application, and then click Edit.
  2. Select a tab with content added.
  3. On the application sidebar, click content icon sidebarContent.

    The Content pane appears.

  4. Navigate to the content and select it.

    A group of tabs appears in the lower part of the Content pane.

  5. Go to the Export tab, and then select which export options you want to make available in the published application.

    The following export options are available:

    • Export to PDF – Enable consumers to export the content to an Adobe PDF file.
    • Export to Excel – Enable consumers to export the content to a Microsoft Excel file.
    • Send to Email – Enable consumers to send the content as an attachment via email.
    • Publish – Enable consumers to publish the content as Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Adobe PDF presentations and booklets through a wizard-driven process.
  6. In the pane, click Save.
  7. On the menu bar, go to File > Save. Enter a description of your changes, and then click Save. Then, click Close.

    To make the changes available to consumers, publish the application (File > Save and Publish).

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