Edit business glossary

Within a business glossary, you can remove, rename, or move items.

  • You have a glossary in the application.
  1. On the application sidebar, click Glossary.

    The Glossary pane appears.

  2. To rename a category or KPI:
    1. Click the category or KPI.

    2. Click Rename item, and then rename it appropriately.
  3. To edit a KPI definition:
    1. Click a KPI.
    2. In the text field that appears below, edit the corresponding definition.
    3. Click Save in the local toolbar.
  4. To move a KPI to another category or within the same category, drag it to the new location.
  5. To remove a category or KPI:
    1. Click a category or KPI.
    2. Click Delete item.
  6. In the pane, click Save.
  7. On the menu bar, go to File > Save. Enter a description of your changes, and then click Save. Then, click Close.

    To make the changes available to consumers, publish the application (File > Save and Publish).

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