Manage publications

You can manage the publications that you created in a Portals application: download, share publication URL, rerun for data updates, or delete.

  • You have permission to create publications. The permission is granted by an administrator in Access Manager.
  1. Open Portals.
  2. On the application sidebar, click Publish.

    The Publish pane appears, displaying all your publications.

  3. Point to the needed publication, and click the needed button:

    • Download – To download the publication file.
    • Share – To create a sharing link. Copy the URL and send it to the Portals users with whom you want to share the publication.
    • Rerun publication – To create a new copy of the publication to reflect the data updates in IBM Cognos reports.

      This option creates a separate publication with the updated content. The publication copy has the same name but the new date, which is the date of when you rerun it. Each time when you need to rerun the publication, use the original file (master) created in the wizard. The copies of the original publication do not have this option available.

    • Delete – To delete the publication.

      Important: Deletion is performed without confirmation and cannot be undone.

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