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In a Portals application, the content is available in the Content pane. In this pane, content is organized in an expandable folder structure.

For details on the different content types, see About content.

  • The content was prepared for you by an administrator in Portals Designer.
  • You have the appropriate user rights in IBM Cognos for working with content items.
  • You have the corresponding permissions to export content. The permission is granted by an administrator in Access Manager.
  1. Open Portals.
  2. On the application sidebar, click Content.

    The Content pane appears.

  3. Expand the folders and navigate to the needed content. Content items are marked with .
  4. Click a content item.

    The item opens in the main content area and its location is shown on the content toolbar.

  5. (Optional) Click More options on the content toolbar.

    The options available in this menu depend on the application settings and on the content displayed in the main content area.

    You can do the following:

    • Refresh – Refresh the displayed content.
    • Tear off – Open a content item in a new window without any user-interface elements.
    • Excel – Save the content item in Excel format.
    • PDF – View a content item in PDF format. Depending on your browser, the PDF is opened either in the main content area or in a new window.
    • HTML – View a content item in interactive mode.
    • Email – Send a content item via email.
    • Presentation mode – Hide the top toolbar when you view a report.
    • Normal mode – Show the top toolbar when you view a report.
    • View live report data – View live data in a report. You can apply filters, drill down, drill up and drill through a report.
    • View saved report data – View saved data in a report.
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