Apply filters

Use filters for a report to limit the amount of data displayed. Several reports can share the same filters. However, filters can differ for each report displayed in the Content pane.

Note: You can apply filters only to reports. This feature does not apply to other content types.

  • Filters are configured for a report by an administrator in Portals Designer.
  • You have a report open in the main content area. For details, see Work with content.
  1. On the application sidebar, click Filters.

    The Filters pane appears.

  2. Select the filters that you want to apply to the report.

  3. Click Apply selection at the top of the Filters pane.

    The report data is filtered. The selected filters are shown in the content toolbar.

    Note: When you apply filters to a report, the selected filters are applied at run time to all reports that share the same filters.

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