Find a report

You have several ways to find a report in a Portals application.

  • The content was configured for you by an administrator in Portals Designer.

  • You have appropriate user rights in IBM Cognos for working with content items.
  • If you know the name of the report, use the search function:
    • On the application sidebar, click content icon sidebar Content, and then type the report name in the search field, next to .
    • On the top toolbar, type the report name in the General search field, next to . You can choose to search in specific locations. To do this, just click one of the options displayed when you click in the General search field.

  • If you know the business question to which the report is relevant, use the Guide feature:
    • On the application sidebar, click Guide to open the Guide pane. Click under each relevant node to expand the corresponding business questions, until you find the report. The search function is available in this pane too.

Note: In Portals, the search feature is case insensitive.

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