Access IBM Cognos tools

In a Portals application, you can have direct access to IBM Cognos tools for report authoring.

  • You have user rights for the IBM Cognos tools.
  • You have permission to access the IBM Cognos tools in Portals. The permission is granted by an administrator in Access Manager.
  1. Open Portals.
  2. On the application sidebar, click Toolbox.

    The Toolbox pane appears.

  3. Click an option, as needed:

    • Create professional reports – Open IBM Cognos Report Studio to build and distribute professional enterprise reports.
    • Query my data – Open IBM Cognos Query Studio to build queries and reports, improve the layout of your reports, view and work with your data.
    • Analyze my business – Open IBM Cognos Analysis Studio to find answers to your business questions by exploring and analyzing data.
    • Analyze my data – Open IBM Cognos PowerPlay Studio to create and view reports based on PowerCube data sources.
    • Author business reports – Open IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced to build queries and ad hoc analyses.
    • Create my dashboards – Open IBM Cognos Workspace to create interactive workspaces using both IBM Cognos content and external data sources, such as TM1 Websheets and CubeViews.

    The selected IBM Cognos tool opens.

  4. Work with the tool as needed.

  5. Save your work.

    The items stored in the My Folders location in IBM Cognos are immediately available for use in your application.

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