Create bookmarks

You can create bookmarks for reports or filtered reports.

To create a bookmark for a filtered report, first, apply the filters, and then create the bookmark. For details, see Apply filters.

Note: You can create bookmarks only for reports. This feature does not apply to other content types.

  • You have the permissions to create and share bookmarks. These permissions are granted by an administrator in Access Manager.
  • You have a report open in the main content area. For details, see Work with content.
  1. On the application sidebar, click Bookmarks.

    The Bookmarks pane appears.

  2. Select a folder to store your bookmark. The default root folders are the following:

    • Shared Bookmarks – Bookmarks stored in this folder can be accessed by other users.
    • My Bookmarks – Bookmarks stored in this folder are visible only to you.

    You can also create a folder within any of the existing folders. For details, see Organize bookmarks.

  3. Next to the selected folder, click Add item, and then click Bookmark.

  4. At the bottom of the pane, type a name and description for your bookmark.

  5. Click Create.

    The bookmark is created in the selected folder.

For details on how to manage bookmarks, see Manage bookmarks.

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