Manage comments

After a discussion is started, you can add comments to it. For details on how to start a discussion, see Start a discussion.

You can also edit your own comments and delete them if needed.

  • To participate in the same discussion, you need to be logged in to the same application and use the same application tab as your collaborators. Also, you need to be part of the group or members selected for a group discussion.
  1. Open Portals.
  2. On the application sidebar, click Collaborate.

    The Collaborate pane appears. The discussions available to you can be grouped per day for the current week, per week for the previous week, and older.

  3. Navigate to the note or comment.

    The total number of comments for a discussion is shown in the lower-right corner of a note.

  4. To view all the comments of a discussion, click View all comments next to the number of comments.
  5. Manage the comments as needed:

For details on how to delete a discussion and all its comments, see Manage discussions.

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