DataClarity Platform overview

DataClarity Platform delivers a unique combination of self-service and governed data management, machine learning, visualizations, and unified user experience integrated across multiple analytic platforms, applications, content, and communities.


Portals integrates third-party analytic platforms, tools, applications, and content for a completely unified user experience. Usability is improved with streamlined navigation, filters, smart search, bookmarks, snapshots, collaboration, guided analytics, alerts, business glossary, and publishing.


Use Storyboards to create dashboard views and storyboards with visualizations that meet your unique requirements by performing data discovery, blending, authoring, and assembly in one intuitive process.

Data Preparation

Access modeled or unmodeled data from any source, and use these data to prepare datasets for your analysis. You can profile, prepare, and blend data in memory from any number and type of sources.

Portals Designer

With Designer, you can create, customize, deploy, and manage business applications to use in Portals. Within the applications, you can customize branding, user communities, and features such as views, reporting content, business glossaries, and guided analytics.

Access Manager

With Access Manager, you can set up and manage user authentication and authorization in DataClarity Platform. You can create user accounts, configure external authentication providers (Active Directory and LDAP), configure Single Sign-On authentication, manage licensing, customize and assign roles to users and user groups, centrally monitor all user sessions, and much more.

Kubernetes Dashboard

Kubernetes Dashboard is the administration and monitoring service that provides system deployment, configuration, and management capabilities for DataClarity platforms and containerized applications. After you deploy applications to a Kubernetes cluster, you can create and modify the cluster resources, get an overview of all applications running on your cluster, deploy changes progressively to the applications or restore them, and troubleshoot the applications.

Configuration Manager

With Configuration Manager, you can configure the DataClarity Platform services and change default settings suitable for your installation.

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