Use datasets in Tableau

You can use and analyze datasets in Tableau. To do that, you need to connect from Tableau to the datasets through a PostgreSQL connection.

You can also export PostgreSQL connection details in a Tableau workbook and connect through that file. For details, see Datasets pane.

Note: The following procedure shows how to connect in Tableau Desktop, Professional Edition (version 2021.4). For any other versions, please see the respective documentation on how to establish a PostgreSQL connection.

  • You have datasets (your own or shared with you) in the Datasets pane.

  • You installed a Tableau application that has an option to connect to PostgreSQL.

  1. Open Tableau.

  2. In the Connect pane, under To a Server, click PostgreSQL.

  3. In the PostgreSQL dialog:

    1. Enter the name of the server (for the host name), which is the name or IP address that was configured for the application.

    2. For the TCP server port, enter 5432.

    3. Enter the name of the PostgreSQL database, which is Datasets by default.

    4. Enter your user credentials.

    5. Click Sign In.


  4. View the list of added datasets under Table.

    Note: The dataset name includes the username and schema at the end to ensure that all dataset names are unique.

    Now, you can visualize your data in Tableau.

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