Use datasets in Qlik

You can use and analyze datasets in Qlik tools. To do that, you need to connect from Qlik to the datasets through a PostgreSQL connection.

Note: The following procedure shows how to connect in Qlik Sense Desktop (version 12.26.1). For any other versions, please see the respective documentation on how to establish a PostgreSQL connection.

  • You have datasets (your own or shared with you) in the Datasets pane.

  • You have access to a Qlik application that has an option to connect to PostgreSQL (for example, Qlik Sense).

  1. In Qlik Sense, open an app where you want to add the datasets or create a new app.

  2. In the app, click Add data from files and other sources.

  3. In the list of data sources, click PostgreSQL.

  4. In the Create a connection - PostgreSQL dialog:

    1. Enter the name of the server (for the host name), which is the name or IP address that was configured for the application.

    2. Enter the TCP server port, depending on your installation type: 5432

    3. Enter the name of the PostgreSQL database, which is Datasets by default.

    4. Enter your user credentials.

    5. Click Create.

  5. In the app overview page that opens, in the Owner dropdown list, select public.

    The list of available datasets appears as separate tables.

    Note: The dataset name includes the dataset ID number at the end to ensure that all dataset names are unique.

  6. Select the datasets that you want to add, and then click Add data.

  7. Wait for the data to be loaded.

    In edit mode, the added data appear under Fields.

    Now, you can visualize your data in Qlik Sense.

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