Delete AI connections

If you no longer need a connection to an AI/ML server, you can delete it. The consequences of deletion are the following:

  • If you shared the connection with other recipients (users or groups), the connection is also deleted from the recipients' accounts.
  • If the connection was used for a calculation (by you or other users), the calculation is no longer valid.

If you have the permission to see other users’ connections, review the following deletion consequences:

  • If you delete a connection from the Other connections tab in the AI connections pane, the connection is deleted from the account of the connection owner.
  • If the connection was used for a calculation in the owner's account, the calculation is no longer valid.
  • You have a connection on the My AI connections tab of the AI connections pane.
  • You have all the necessary role permissions granted by an administrator in Access Manager.

  1. On the sidebar, click AI connections.

    The AI connections pane appears.

    Tile view is used by default.

  2. Click the My AI connections tab.

  3. For the connection that you want to delete, point to More actions, and then click Delete.

    Important: Deletion is performed without confirmation and cannot be undone.

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