About DataClarity Analytics Free Edition

About DataClarity Analytics Free Edition

DataClarity Analytics Free Edition is the end-to-end data & analytics platform for enterprise.

 Use the following table to compare the features available in Free and Premium Editions.




Connect to numerous data sources (files, databases)

Connect to IBM Cognos packages and TM1 cubes

Create datasets

Certify datasets

Share datasets

Import & export datasets

Explore datasets (limited)

Caching for datasets and data connections

Everything in Free

Use built-in data science calculations

Connect to R, Tabpy, and other AI servers (script & scalar)

Dataset audit

Explore datasets (full-featured, advanced filtering & pivoting)

Create storyboards

Share storyboards

Certify storyboards

Create visualizations

Use advanced Table widget (limited)

Publish storyboards to web (watermark)

Embed storyboards (watermark)

Subscribe to storyboards (watermark)

Download storyboards (watermark)

Import & export storyboards

Cache visualization data

Everything in Free

Use advanced Table widget (advanced filtering and pivoting)

Publish storyboards to web (no watermark)

Embed storyboards (no watermark)

Subscribe to storyboards (no watermark)

Download storyboards (no watermark)

Storyboards & visualizations audit

Visualize datasets in BI tools (Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, Cognos Analytics, and others)

Manage user access to the platform

Import users

Single sign-on (SSO)



Everything in Free

Create tenants

Add branding and customize look & feel

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