About DataClarity Analytics Free Edition

DataClarity Is Forever Forever (DIFF) is the ONLY end-to-end data & analytics platform for enterprise you can use for free forever.


Connect and Prepare Data

  • Connect to numerous data sources (files, databases)
  • Create datasets
  • Certify datasets
  • Share datasets
  • Import & export datasets
  • Explore datasets (limited)
  • Caching for datasets and data connections
  • Use built-in data science calculations
  • Connect to R, Tabpy, and other AI servers (script & scalar)
  • Dataset audit
  • Explore datasets (full-featured, advanced filtering & pivoting)


Visualize and Create Interactive Storyboards

  • Create storyboards
  • Share storyboards
  • Certify storyboards
  • Create visualizations
  • Publish storyboards to web
  • Embed storyboards
  • Subscribe to storyboards
  • Download storyboards
  • Import & export storyboards
  • Cache visualization data


Provision and Manage Users and Tenants

  • Manage user access to the platform
  • Import users
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Create tenants
  • Add branding and customize look & feel
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