2022.2 - DataClarity New Features and Enhancements

DataClarity 2022.2 brings the following features and enhancements:


Data Preparation


Installation & Configuration




New column options when refining a dataset

Starting with this release, when editing dataset columns on the Step 2 – Refine page, you can use the following additional column options:

  • Hide – To hide a column in a dataset. You can create calculations and filters based on the hidden columns. Hidden columns are not available in visualizations.
  • Column info – To review various details for a column, such as aggregation, data type, whether it is used as a security filter, and description.

The Step 2 – Refine page now also includes the Show hidden columns checkbox to quickly preview the columns you decided to hide.



Specify a Cognos connection name for specific Cognos data sources

In some cases, Cognos packages can use a data source with multiple Cognos connections attached. When this happens, Cognos prompts a user to select a connection that will be used to query the data. DataClarity has extended the Cognos data driver to support specifying a Cognos connection name for a specific Cognos data source when it is needed. You can specify the mentioned data in the Options field. Moreover, you can set what date and time formats to be used for a connection.



Optimization of Cognos calculations

In this release, the query plan for calculations in Cognos data sources has been significantly optimized. As a result, all the related queries are executed more efficiently, allowing you to work with a significant number of complex calculations.




Code editor improvements

The code editor has been improved to help you better manage the code that you need to add in DataClarity. You can now view the line numbering and color-coding for the keywords.

The code editor improvements are now available in the following places:

  • Code editor of the Python code widget
  • Code editor of the HTML code widget
  • Code manager of the Custom widget
  • Script editor when adding a new script or scalar calculation
  • CSS and JavaScript custom code editor of a storyboard’s page


HTML code widget – Adding HTML code in the Code editor


Custom widget – Adding a custom JS code in the Code manager


Pages pane – Customizing a storyboard’s page


Script editor  – Adding a script calculation


Smart layout guides for arranging widgets on a storyboard page

Starting from this release, it’s easier to create pixel-perfect storyboard pages by using the new smart layout guides. When moving or resizing widgets on a storyboard page, you can notice the green dashed lines—smart guides—that help you align widgets vertically and horizontally respective to other widgets. Smart guides also appear between objects or near the edges of the page cells so that you can space out widgets evenly.



Undo and redo authoring actions in a storyboard

Previously, you could undo and redo most of the authoring actions performed in a storyboard. Starting with this release, the list of supported actions has been extended, and now, you can also undo or redo the following actions:

  • Customize the appearance of page tabs (such as background, fonts, and colors)
  • Reorder the page tabs
  • Add a new page
  • Change settings for the widgets that do not use a dataset (such as the Text or Image widgets)
  • Add, edit, delete, and select actions
  • Add, edit, delete, and apply filters for the Filter widget
  • Add, edit, delete, and apply the highlighting for the Highlight widget
  • Change widget’s content actions and preferences (such as sorting or filtering the top performers)
  • Set the current widget’s style as default
  • Apply the copied appearance style to a widget




Installation script improvements

The commands and prompts in the installation script (install.sh) now include short explanations to clarify the available configuration options. Moreover, where applicable, the script provides default values to streamline the installation process.



Python server enhancements and optimizations

The Python server has been enhanced and upgraded to use Python v3.9 and TabPy v2.5.

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