Storyboards pane

Use the Storyboards pane to view, add, and manage storyboards. For storyboard’s menu options, see Manage storyboards.

The Storyboards pane shows storyboards organized into two groups:

  • My storyboards – Storyboards that you created or imported. To add a new storyboard, see Add a storyboard.

  • Shared with me – Storyboards that were shared with you by other users.

By default, the pane shows the first 35 storyboards. If you have more storyboards, scroll down to add another set of 35 storyboards into the view.

Tile & List views

Storyboards are shown as tiles or as a list depending on the selected view. Tiles are shown by default. To switch to List view, click the respective icon in the upper-right corner of the pane. The view is saved per tab.


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