Step 2. Design

Add widgets

After adding a dataset and creating a storyboard, add widgets to start analyzing the business data:

  • Choose suitable widget types to present your business data. A storyboard page can include visualizations, pictograms, and other widgets. For details, see About widgets.
  • Configure the widget settings. For details, see Add widgets and Widget settings.

Manage presentation

Prepare the best delivery for your presentation:

  • Arrange the widgets on the storyboard as needed. For details, see Arrange widgets on a storyboard.
  • Modify the widget settings at any time. For details, see Manage widgets.
  • Highlight or filter visualizations. For details, see and Filter and Highlighter.
  • View tooltips, interact with the legend, narrow down a visualization's view. For details, see Interact with widgets.
  • Create actions on the storyboard: use the data in one widget to filter or highlight the data in another widget, open a different storyboard, show or hide widgets, switch chart types. For details, see About actions.
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